The Most Used PHP

PHP is an open source server-side scripting language that is extremely popular around the globe. Over 80% of websites around the globe make use of PHP framework. PHP framework provides a basic structure that is used to streamline the development of web applications. Php frameworks are used because they speed up the development process. Most of the websites that are built using PHP frameworks are very responsive thus enabling businesses fulfill their performance needs. This means that the popularity of PHP will continue to increase in the coming years. Some of the best PHP frameworks based on ability and popularity include:


Laravel was introduced back in 2011 and has become the most popular open source PHP framework in the world. It is the most preferred framework since it can handle complex web applications securely and at a more faster rate than other frameworks. It simplifies the development process by easing the common tasks such as routing, caching, sessions as well as authentication.

Why use Laravel

Laravel is suitable in the development of applications such as complex backend requirements whether they are large or small. It is very easy to install Laravel due to the introduction of homestead a prepackaged all in one vagrant box.

The PHP framework has features that are fully customized with complex apps. Some of these applications include complex data applications, routing, MVC architecture, view template engine, security as well as authentication among many more.

it is a highly expressive feature that has a high speed, security and is inline with the expectations of a modern web application. As for developers who intend to develop enterprise websites that evolve with the changing needs then Laravel is the way to go.


Codelgniter is a PHP framework that is known for its small size about 2MB. It is a framework that is suitable in the development of dynamic websites. The website offers numerous prebuilt modules such as helping in the construction of robust as well as reusable components.

Why use Codelgniter

Most developers prefer to use CodeIgniter since it is a straightforward framework that is hassle free and easy to install compared to other frameworks. Since it has a very simple setup process it is highly illustrated for documentation and very ideal for beginners.

Some of the key features include inbuilt security tools, MVC architecture, simple and excellent documentation, top-notch error handling in addition to the creation of scalable apps. In comparison to other frameworks, it is considerably faster since it offers solid performance and an excellent choice incase you want to develop light weight applications that run on modest servers. However, for an application that requires highest level of security then Codelgniter is not a good option.


Symphony framework has been in existent for a longer period of time than most of the regular frameworks. It is an extensive MVC framework and the only framework that follows php and web standards to the later. Symphony is a very mature and reliable framework to use.

Why use Symphony

It is a perfect choice for the development of large-scale enterprise projects. It is also very easy to install and configure on other platforms. It has a reusable PHP component and it boasts of having a database independence engine. It is also known to be very stable and complies with the web practices and design patterns that allows for the integration with other vendor libraries.

Symfony is very flexible and can integrate with other projects that are bigger like Drupal. It is very similar to Laravel due to its unique features. However, Laravel focuses on the simplicity of delivering features of value and can be used by new developers. Symfony on the other hand targets advanced developers since it’s a bit harder to start and in addition, the security mechanism is very difficult touse.


Incase you are looking for a toolkit that is very simple and elegant then look no further than CakePHP. Through the help of CakePHP one is able to develop a visually impressive, feature loaded website. It is one of the easiest frameworks that is easy to learn due to its CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) framework. CakePHP did hit the market in the early 2000s and has since gained a better performance in various components.

Why use CakePHP

It is a simple and easy to install software as you only need a web server and a copy of the framework. It is a good choice for commercial applications in that its security features include SQL injection prevention, cross site scripting protection, input validation and cross-site request forgery protection. Some of the key features that are included in the framework include proper class inheritance, fast builds, security and validation. In addition, it provides many support portals, great documentation as well as premium support when it comes to Cake development Corporation.


The Yii framework stands for Yes, it is and is a simple and evolutionary framework of PHP. It is a high-performance PHP web-based framework that is used for the development of modern web applications. It is suitable all kinds of web applications hence a universal web programming framework.

Why use Yii

It has an easy installation process due to its robust features that make it suitable for high and secure endeavors such as e-commerce projects, CMS, portals among many more. It boasts of having an excellent speed performance that is highly extensible. The framework allows developers to avoid the complexity of writing SQL statements that are repetitive. It also has a core developer team and experts who help to contribute in its development through a massive community. It is extremely extensible in that one can customize almost every piece of the code even if it is your first time using it.


PHP frameworks simplify the development of processes that help to minimize workload. Each of the frameworks have their own strength and weaknesses and they all vary in terms of community, documentation as well as their database support. The best framework to use depends on a variety of factors such as scalability, security and documentation among many more.

What is CSS?

CSS is the short form of Cascading Style Sheets and is perhaps one of the most significant technological discoveries in the World Wide Web. CSS has ushered in a time and cost saving technique that makes users easily access the web without much hassles. In fact, it is CSS that defines how HTML elements are to be displayed on the computer screen or in other media and platforms. It has one distinct advantage and ease to use technique and that is these external style sheets could be stored in CSS files. It is especially designed to separate both the presentation and the content so that users needn’t spend a whole lot of time in formatting style sheets for every web page.

Earlier, the development of large websites was a laborious and expensive affair as you needed to add information on color and font to every single page. This was avoided with the creation of CSS.

Importance of CSS

The problem confronting the users of the World Wide Web rose when each web page had to be painstakingly made with specific information on color, background, font, element alignment, borders and size. This became a nightmare and it was decided by the World Wide Web consortium to invent a technique to remove this. In due course of time the CSS was created that actually described as to how HTML elements were to be displayed.

As the style definitions were saved in external file the user may currently change the whole range of web files by changing just one file only. It is to be noted that HTML is the standard markup language for documents designed and displayed on web browser. Currently, it can be assisted with technologies like CSS and JavaScript as scripting language that gives the browsers and users’ good experience and ease of operation.

Naturally, having Cascading Style Sheets gives you ample ease to move from one page to another on the web. You also have the liberty to choose from the same page different style sheets.

Reducing Complexities and Repetition with CSS

As stated earlier, CSS has been designed to separate presentation with content. This includes layout, colors and fonts. This improves accessibility to content dramatically as well provide flexibility and control over the way multiple web pages are formatted by only specifying that particular CSS file. In other words, by doing so the users may easily make use of the same markup page for different presentation such as while printing, by speech based browser or screen reader or Braille tactile devices. It also provides rules for mobile devices for alternative formatting so that you have great user experience on your device.

The CSS makes use of a number of English keywords that specify names of various styles. In fact, a style sheet consists of a list of rules and each of these rules has a declaration box as well as selectors. By selecting different styles that are offered in the menu you get a few cascading style sheets for you to select from. This may be in the form of Stylesheet 1, Stylesheet 2, and Stylesheet 3 Stylesheet 4 and so on.

JavaScript- Most Useful Programming Language?

Most people get confused between Java and JavaScript due to similar names. But, these two are entirely different terms. JavaScript is today’s world choice because of its best features available. JavaScript is very popular with css and html uses. The JavaScript is most often used for games designing, app designing, and also the apps for desktop. If we look superficially at the topic of qualities that are determining factors of JavaScript’s fame, we will find out that its simplicity in both the learning and using way is of quite lot significance.

Following are the expansion of the traits that make JavaScript best

  • One of the easiest choices

JavaScript is the easiest choice of people, whether he or she is a beginner or a specialist. The reason behind this fact is it is a language with high levels of complexities that will mean that this JavaScript software will encounter the typical problems in computer of laptop on its own and tackle them even before the user comes to know what has happened. Also, a person can start coding right after coming into contact with because it does not need any pre made environment or any other requirements to set its working.

  • Gives a relaxed and fun experience to the user

After gaining all the pre-requisite knowledge and understanding of the Java script by the person who has started using it, it creates a very user friendly environment. Also, it provides a lot of prototype, helping in working in a quick manner as the main use of the JavaScript is the development of the front-end. It also provides a number of tools and techniques to enable a person in a stress free manner and enjoy the working.

  • Complexity of JavaScript

In spite of the fact that almost every browser uses JavaScript, a particular set of coding may or may not result in the same output for every browser, it prevents the mal usage of a specific coding by any other organization or person. You just need a very efficient guide for using this software if you are a beginner.

  • Flexibility of language

JavaScript is a flexible language and provides inbuilt tools and direction to form a coding. Also a referencing system is present to ensure a good level of authenticity of the program.

  • Provides protection against plagiarism

Since, JavaScript is not a pre specified language, this means that a single coding results in different outputs, and this results in harder debugging procedures of the JavaScript than a lot more other languages. It is very tough task to fix the errors and track down the coding from any other space when you are not the originator of the set. It needs an immense level of training and experience to decode this JavaScript program.

  • Has a large community

Community in reference to JavaScript programming is the vast size of people dealing with the software. It is an important aspect, because a programming community size defines the largeness of the language. Generally a community depicts the amount of support the language getting. One of these communities is the community of developers, their main work is to give and gain aid. Therefore, the bigger the size of the community, results in a large number of people who create techniques in use for the easy progress of the language.

  • At github this language has got most number of tags

The favorite part of the developer in JavaScript is its community size. And this size is due to the innovative approach of evolution of this language. The tools developed for this language are easy to use and provide a healthy working condition to the user. New tools regularly come into the world and provide a new pathway for the language using workers.

  • Future of JavaScript

Nowadays almost every business, whether small or big is expanding itself on online platform and this helps us in concluding that the very bright future is waiting ahead for the JavaScript language. Not to mention the research, development, and use of artificial intelligence by companies. Apps have paved their way for almost everything in use and they use JavaScript for their construction. With the world moving at a very high speed towards the online portal system the JavaScript language finds its path by default.